Over the Bridge!

January 8th- We couldn’t leave Fort Bragg soon enough!  The sad part was every other town before and after has been charming and amazing!  Mendocino County-BEAUTIFUL!  We saw a RV park in Westport down in a cove by the ocean about a 45 minutes before Fort Bragg but kept driving, wish we had stopped!

We drove from Fort Bragg to San Francisco.  A very long and winding drive but so beautiful!  We could have seriously taken a picture around every bend.  The towns along the way are incredibly charming, the homes are beautiful. But it rained all day!

We followed GPS along the way and I looked ahead and saw what appeared to be a bridge but I thought that can’t be the Golden Gate Bridge!  But alas it was and we (DAVE) towed a 5th wheel across the Golden Gate Bridge.  EEEKKK!   Scarier than the bridge was a tunnel, which had water running down it and the water kept pulling the tires on the trailer to the side.  That was a nail-biter!

We are staying at the San Francisco RV Resort overlooking the ocean.  It has been pouring rain but we’ll post pics tomorrow.  Beautiful view!!!

We took Lyft into San Francisco and met our cute niece and her husband for ice cream! They have this darling little apartment.  It was fun to catch up with them! 

Fun Fact:  There are many benefits in towing a trailer.  One of the biggest is you always have a bathroom nearby!  We never had to search for a bathroom we just would pull over the trailer and use the facilities!   Also super nice to have a kitchen on hand, cold drinks and food 🙂

Dave’s Trailer Tip:  When towing a trailer on Highway 1 (or any road where you might be towing slowly) use the turnouts to let other vehicles go by but we discovered the vehicle behind us often was local and would turn off the road right after passing us!  Kind of frustrating so we decided to wait a couple miles to turn out and see if they’re seriously staying on the highway.

Tuesday’s Adventure:  ALCATRAZ!