Big Sur

Did you all realize Big Sur is in the mountains? The Big Sur Coast starts just after the Carmel River and goes all the down to San Simeon. You can follow it along Highway 1. I saw a few weeks back there was a landslide and the Highway was closed at Ragged Point so we planned ahead and camped in Carmel. We did not need to tow it to Big Sur and most campsites did not accept trailers, so check before you go. There are cliffs and scenic views of the ocean along the way but we had a lot of fog!!!

On the way back we stopped at one of the few beaches and relaxed for an hour or so. ? Be sure to observe any warnings posted on the beach!! There was a couple who came down and were standing in the water with their backs to the ocean and next thing you know the girl was hit with a big wave and it pulled her down, luckily her boyfriend wasn’t knocked down and was able to help her up. Super dangerous!!!

These waves were HUGE and made a loud boom when they crashed. They were mesmerizing!

Dave getting his toes wet!

Mine stayed dry 🙂

Not So Fun Fact: From the Carmel River on we had ZERO CELL SERVICE! Which actually was fine, a nice little escape! We did manage to have service at the Nepenthe restaurant. We didn’t eat there but were able to have a nice view and the restaurant doesn’t mind sightseers 🙂 There is a gift shop below the restaurant.

Dave’s Trailer Tip: When pulling off the road make sure you go where the ground is fairly firm. We hit a patch of squishy muddy grassy land and the truck almost got stuck!

Friday: San Simeon, Morro Bay and Cambria.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How many palm trees have Dave and I seen since leaving Crescent City, CA?