January 12th & 13th- We drove from Carmel by the Sea to Pismo Beach! Highway 1 was closed because of the landslide so we took Highway 101, less scenic but nice. Lots of farmland and vineyards.

We arrived at Pismo Coast Village RV Resort without a reservation. Our experience in Fort Bragg taught us we need to see where we’re staying before we pay! Well we didn’t realize it’s a holiday weekend since we don’t have children in public school anymore we really don’t pay attention to President’s Day or Columbus Day or Martin Luther King Day etc. They were almost completely booked but luckily had a few sites that were a little tight but of course Dave fit the trailer in.

This RV resort is slick! It has EVERYTHING. Store, laundromat, arcade…Each campsite has a picnic table and a fire pit. They are stacked in tight but it’s a very nice community. There are 400 campsites here and there is direct access to Pismo Beach. There are groups that hang out by the fire laughing and having a good old time. Pretty funny!

Pismo Beach is a beautiful, long, beach with it’s iconic pier. We walked along the beach the afternoon of our arrival and loved the warmth of the sun!!!!! It’s warm here. Thank goodness!

On the 13th we went to Hearst Castle. It was amazing. We loved learning about the Hearst family and their obsession with art, architecture and all the fine things. There were even Zebra’s on the ranch land surrounding the castle. The outdoor Grecian pool was under construction so I was sad but check-out the indoor pool, not bad!

William Randolph Hearst even had ketchup and mustard on the dinner table.


Zebras in the distance

After the castle we went to CAMBRIA which is a little town along the coast. I was getting HANGRY so we ate lunch at JBJ’s Pizza Round-up and Grub. It was yummy!!! The crust was thick the toppings delicious and their beer-battered onion ring were AMAZING!

We decided to head North again past Hearst Castle to see Elephant Seal Beach. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!! WATCH THE VIDEOS!!!

This is where seals come to deliver their pups every winter (Dec-Jan). There were hundreds of mom’s and pup’s laying along the beach. The moms don’t eat the whole time they stay at the beach they just feed their pup and will lose about half their weight in the time they are on the beach. The mom eventually leaves her pup heads back to sea and will get preggers again. Apparently they spend most of their lives pregnant or nursing. There was a time I felt that way 🙂


We then headed south again and stopped in CAYUCOS which is another small beach town. They had a skate park next to the beach, we even found a car wash, which made Dave happy. Sorry no pic’s 🙁

We then moved on to Morro Bay. We ended up in downtown Morro Bay which is more for locals, less touristy. They had a little street fair that was closing when we arrived, which looked fun but we were too late!

It’s a busier beach town compared to Cambria or Cayucos but really nice as well. It has these giant smoke stacks right along the coast but they just embrace it and call Morro Bay “Three Stacks and a Rock”. The rock is gigantic and the bay is beautiful. We enjoyed a stroll up and down the street.

On our way back to the RV we passed by a fire and caught a video!

After a long day we came back to Pismo Coast RV and did our laundry, not a highlight but much needed after a week and a half on the road. We were the only people who would spend a Saturday night doing laundry! We’re not party-ers what can I say????

Fun Fact: We will never be as rich as William Randolph Hearst! That’s not really a fun fact but a fact no less. But I don’t know if I ever want to be!

Dave’s Trailer Tips: #1 Before you leave a campsite make sure power, water and sewage have been disconnected. Walk around check all connections between vehicle and trailer and make sure they’re all secure. Make sure the scissor jacks are properly secured, slide-outs in and chalks, leveling blocks stowed.

#2 As you change elevation and temperature it’s always good to check your air pressure. It should be 10% less that what the max PSI recommends. For every 10 degree F increase tire pressure will increase 1 PSI. It’s good to check the tire pressure occasionally. That 10% PSI will allow for change in temperature.

January 14th-Not sure! It’ll be a surprise!