Wyatt Earp & Carmel

January 10th- Great day! We saw sooooooo much!

Here are a couple pic’s I forgot to post yesterday:

We got off the ferry and climbed the hill up to the top of Alcatraz, we had been on Alcatraz for maybe 30 minutes and looked down at the dock and saw this family who we rode over with. They were waiting for the ferry! We’re still baffled by this one!

Wednesday morning before we left San Francisco we went to visit Wyatt Earp’s grave! Dave is a fan of this great hero of the west!

We drove to Carmel and found this cute little RV park called Carmel by the River. I’ll post pic’s tomorrow. It was accidental, we ended up in this RV park when we took the wrong turn 🙂

Our niece Tori told us about the 17 Mile Drive. We unhooked our trailer and went back about 5 miles and took the drive. It was one of our favorite experiences so far! There were turnouts all along the way showing points of interest. Here are the highlights:

Thirty one and a half years ago Dave and I honeymooned in Carmel. Tonight we walked along the same beach we strolled along as newlyweds! Luckily this time Dave didn’t get sunburned looking like a bright red lobster!

We had a wonderful dinner in town at The Grill on Ocean Avenue. Dave had a seafood pasta plate which was the special and he seriously kept moaning and saying how incredible it was. Dave rarely eats pasta!

Fun Fact: We went to Haut’s Surf Shop in Santa Cruz. As we were looking around there were 2 guys talking, one being the employee. I heard the word “Mormon”, and then I thought maybe I didn’t hear that…then I kept hearing it. When we went to check-out I said “Hey we’re Mormons!” One of the guys had his sister pass away and she was a Mormon so he shared with Dave how nice the funeral was and how well supported his sister’s family was and how impressed he was with the whole experience. I talked to the employee about missions etc. When we left Dave said we believe our family will be together forever that’s how we made it through the losses in our family. He said we know where we came from and where we’re going. It was a really fun experience chatting about our beliefs!

Dave’s Trailer Tip: To conserve power don’t have all your lights on, we usually only have 1 or 2 lights on when we don’t have hook-ups. Also turn your thermostat down so the fan doesn’t use a lot of power. Don’t forget to run your fridge on the “Gas” setting and not the “Auto” setting. The “Auto” setting will quickly drain your battery where the “Gas” setting uses very little propane.

January 11th-Going to BIG SUR!!!!!